• Royal Orchid Management

Dear Partners,

Thank you so much for your business. Gives me great pleasure to introduce my Corporate teams with their respective profiles to assist in specific work-flow for achieving our Brand and Revenue goals. While we have support across RSOs, Cluster heads, we also have specific support in other related divisions like Human Resource, Marketing & PR, Information Technology, Loyalty & Customer experience, Engineering & Finance.

Please reach out to my relevant teams and we are happy to extend all required support to make a success story together.

Mr. Chander K. Baljee
Managing Director

Mr. Chander K. Baljee
Managing Director

Board of Directors

Mr. Sunil Sikka
Non Executive Director

Dr. Vivek Mansingh
Independent Director

Naveen Jain
Independent Director

Ms. Lilian Jessie Paul
Independent Director

Mrs. Sunita Baljee
Non-Executive Director


Amit Jaiswal
Chief Financial Officer

E: cfo@royalorchidhotels.com

Ranjan Gupta
Vice President- Operations (South)

E: ranjan@royalorchidhotels.com

Vikas Passi
Vice President – Operations (West)

E: vikaspassi@royalorchidhotels.com

Perkin Rocha
Vice President –Operations (North)

E: perkin@royalorchidhotels.com

Moumita Mukherjee
Vice President – Sales (West & South)

E: moumita@royalorchidhotels.com

Selvaraj T
Asst. Vice President - Engineering

E: selvaraj@royalorchidhotels.com

Director – Customer Services & Loyalty Programs

E: asma@royalorchidhotels.com

Chirag Talwar
Director – Marketing (Corporate)

E: chirag@royalorchidhotels.com

Ranabir Sanyal
Company Secretary & Compliance Officer

E: cosec@royalorchidhotels.com