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Bijrani Zone– 10 KM

Bijrani tourist zone in Corbett national park is the first choice among day tourists. Bijrani is a beautiful spot and is known for its vast grasslands, deep forest, stormy drains, and wildlife. To visit this area, permission is granted by the Director, Corbett Tiger Reserve. Maximum 30 vehicles are allowed to travel into Bijrani during the morning and the same number of vehicles is allowed in the evening hours. For morning safari advance booking is required and for evening safari, permits are given on a first come first serve basis.
Visitor Season: 15 October to 15 June

Garjiya Devi Temple - 7 KM

Dedicated to one of Goddess Parvati's incarnations, the Garjiya Devi Temple is perched atop a huge rock in the midst of Kosi River. Located 13 km from Ramnagar, it is one of the most famous temples in the region. It is also home to the deities of Baba Bhairon, Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, and Goddess Saraswati. A 9th Century black granite statue of Lakshmi Narayan stands within the temple.
A large fair is conducted in the temple on Karthik Poornima, the 15th day of the month of Karthik (November - December) in the Hindu Calendar. It is open for tourists throughout the year, except for the monsoons when the Kosi River dangerously swells up.

Dhikala Zone – 15 KM

Dhikala is most popular & loved tourist accommodation Jim Corbett National park area, Dhikala is a Paradise Awaiting The Dhikala Complex is most sought after place to stay at, Herds of Chitals Elephants are seen from the complex itself, Which attracts park visitors enormously.
Visitor Season: 15 October to 15 June

Jhirna Zone - 28 KM

Jhirna tourist zone in Corbett national park is situated 16 km. from Ramnagar. You have to obtain the permit issued by the Corbett Tiger Reserve before you proceed to Jhirna. This area is full of natural beauty and especially known for its wild beer which suddenly appears from nowhere near your vehicle. 25 vehicles are allowed to get into this area in the morning and the same number is allowed in the evening.
Visitor Season: Round the year

Hanuman Dham - 15 KM

Hanuman Dham is located in Ramnagar amidst peaceful and tranquil surroundings. This is a must-visit attraction in Ramnagar district and the temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. The architecture of the temple is splendid in appearance both interiors and exteriors. This well-known tourist attraction has an arched gateway to the temple that depicts two fishes on the gateway symbolizing fortune and prosperity. It gives a grand chhatri type of appearance in a hierarchical manner on ornate columns. The Hanuman Dham houses a sitting area, meditation halls, a center for disabled, and a majestic temple of Shri Hanuman.

Durga Devi Zone - 31 KM

Durgadevi tourist zone in Corbett national park is farthest from Ramnagar at 30 km. This zone is a hilly area and is situated along the banks of Ramganga River. Besides looking at wildlife, you can also look at popular Mahasheer fish in the river waters. On your way, you can halt at Dhangarhi museum. For the day visit, the same rules are applicable here as those for Bijrani and Jhirna.
Visitor Season: 15 October to 15 June

Sitabani Zone – 31 KM

Sitabani tourist zone is not under the Corbett tiger reserve. In Sitabani, there is no limitation of the vehicle. It's a famous zone for bird watching. This is the only forest in Corbett where we can walk inside the forest. Sitabani is known for a temple and river. We can take some rest in the river bank and see the reptiles. Morning and evening are the timing of safaris. When all the zones of CTR are full then we choose this zone for safaris. Corbett national park authority not issue permit for this. Sitabani forest department issue the slip for this safari. Scenic view of this part of the forest calls many tourists again and again.
Visitor Season: Round the year

Corbett Fall - 34 KM

Corbett Falls is a scenic waterfall located at 25 km from Ramnagar. Developed as a picnic spot for tourists, Corbett Water Falls is surrounded by dense teak wood forest which extends its natural beauty. Sound of the waterfall makes perfect melody with chippings of the birds.

Jim Corbett Museum - 36 KM

A heritage museum, Corbett Museum is just more than a museum near Kaladhungi. Historians, heritage, and wildlife lovers take a must-visit this special museum. Once a place of stay during winters for renowned hunter turned environmentalist Jim Corbett, this museum display amazing belongings of him. A lot of what anyone would want to know about the man after whom the park has been named is to be found here. Details about his life, pictures, paintings, his belongings, and maps marking out the locations where he shot down the tigers are all on display here. It is not a big place but definitely worth a visit to peek into Corbett’s life.