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Nature Walk - 3 KM

Embark on a revitalizing and educational guided walk through the diverse and vibrant buffer jungle, led by experienced and knowledgeable guides from the Forest Department. During this immersive experience, learn about the rich ecosystem, diverse flora and fauna, and the importance of conservation efforts.

Kohka Dam - 3 KM

Kohka Dam is surrounded by Pench forest and offers breathtaking sunset views. Guests can also enjoy boating from sunrise to sunset. During winter, the lake becomes heaven for several migratory bird species.

Pench National Park - 4 KM

Like in the iconic 'The Jungle Book', Pench National Park still brings humans into close contact with wildlife. Rudyard Kipling based Mowgli's adventures on this very place. Located in the southern reaches of the Satpura range, the Pench River divides it into nearly two equal parts—this magnificent expanse shelters over 285 resident and migratory birds. With its majestic tigers and several other animals and birds, Pench National Park will bring back the thrill you used to have when watching Mowgli battle Sher Khan.

Pachdhar Pottery Village - 12 KM

Located on the highway, pottery is the main occupation of every household in this village. Guests can learn and make pottery in the homes of the local villagers and buy souvenirs from the vast pottery designs at flea market rates.

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