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Reserve Forest Sanctuary

One of Asia’s largest watersheds, the wildlife reconnoiters is one of the best tourist places in Mashobra. Traverse into the coarse jungle surrounded with pine, oak and deodar vegetation. Wildlife lovers will easily spot the Himalayan eagles, Barking deer, partridge and leopards. You can opt for picnics with family and friends or indulge in the quests of trekking and camping.

There is an abundance of flora and fauna in this Indus encircled wildlife habitat. The forest also provides a vantage point to cite the spectacular Pir Panjal Mountains of Jammu and Kashmir on clear weather. The popularity of the forest sanctuary is soaring high as it poses as the perfect picnic spot coupled with the thick rich foliage and fauna to watch out for.


Craignano is one of the most popular places to visit in Mashobra. It is the quintessential Italian villa which was built by Chevalier Federico Pelite named after his hometown. The oak and pine trees border the villa constructed out of wood. The uniqueness of the lawns, the vintage stone benches, and the arcane night lamps transports you to the colonial era and old-world Italy.

You will find an abundance of flowers from daffodils and hyacinths to asphodels and Celandine. It also posits itself as a preferred picnic spot where you can enjoy a host of adventures and physical activities like rappelling, rock climbing, and fishing. During winters, the place looks ravishing especially covered in thick inches of snow.

Wild Flower Hall

The manor of the British era nestled amidst dense deodar forests and the lavish decors of the mansion beckons you to enjoy the richness of its existence. The majesty of the place makes it one of the most sought after places to visit in Mashobra. Originally the place was resided by Kitchener of Khartoum; it got burned down in the year 1993 and was later rebuilt into a lavish and plush hotel.

The hotel is a grand blend of rich architecture and modern amenities that include swimming, spa, yoga, fitness centre, concierge and banquet. The rooms in the Hotel are spacious and royal with an in the house dining facility.

Tattapani River

The Tattapani River is famous for its hot water springs emanating out of the Sutlej River. Tourists can enjoy the hot water baths here in the open river bed and fenced water body. The dip in the hot waters is considered to possess superior medicinal values that will cure you of your skin ailments. The Tattapani is quite famous for white water river rafting activity.

The location is the perfect spot for water sports fanatics. The river is only 10 km from Soni valley which is ideal for a serene walk to absorb the beauty of nature. The Shiva cave is also located only 3 km from here which is a dark mysterious cave dedicated to the mighty Lord Shiva.

Lakka Bazaar

The colorful market arena sells everything from wooden possessions to souvenirs. All shopaholics will see their bags full in this haven full of goodies. The best and the finest wooden handicrafts can be seen here. You will also find an exciting world of miniature objects that includes miniature car, trucks, and cycles. It also has some unique pieces of décor and furniture that you will simply want to own.

The wooden beauties are specially crafted by talented and skillful Sikhs who are in good numbers here. Other than items of decoration, you can also purchase dry fruits and natural herbs from the market. Close to the marketplace is the rink for skating which presents as a good spot for family and kids.

Chadwick Falls

The glen forest is full of wonders and one such marvel is the cascading water of the Chadwick falls. The crystal clear sparkling water presents the most pleasing sights you will ever come across. For a true offbeat experience, you must visit this locale surrounded by pine and deodar trees. Famous amongst all youth and honeymooners, you can take a refreshing dip in the pristine waters.

The monsoon supposedly is the apt time to visit here to witness the profusion of the water surge. To reach the falls you need to take a gripping trek from the forest. The Chadwick falls is the name given by the British visitors and authorities as a form of rechristening from its old name called "Chidku Jhaar"

Mahasu Devta Temple

The Mahasu Devta temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is situated in the rustic parts of Mashobra. It is an attractive shrine that is open to local visitors and tourists alike. The sanctified sanctum will give you the pleasures of quiet and calm. The temple is most famous for its 2 days Mahasu Jatra festival that is held in the third week of May every year. The festival is celebrated as a mark of the shifting the idol of Lord Shiva.

Behold the grandeur of the festival with multihued sites, folk dances, tribal dances, archery competitions and various other traditions that augment the charisma of the place. The luminosity of the milieu and the fullness of traditions can only be observed when you are a part of this two-day vibrant celebration.

Jakhu Temple

The Jakhu temple is housed on the highest peak of Shimla. The temple is the abode of Lord Hanuman and is positioned at about 8500 feet. Located amidst deep and luscious forests of the Jakhu hills, the temple is believed to be as old as the Ramayana. The gigantic statuette of Lord Hanuman is visible from different places in Shimla. Every year thousands of devotees visit here to seek blessings from the Monkey God.

One has to venture 2kms up the hill in order to witness the beautiful temple. The Shivalik Mountains and the Sanjauli town are placed at vantage points from the temple which makes it an obligatory addition to the best places to visit in Mashobra.

Mahasu Peak

If you want to be bowled over by the spectacular sighting of the Kedarnath and Badrinath then the Mahasu peak is surely among the best places to visit in Mashobra. The thick deodar forests can be hiked by adventurous and daring tourists. The Winter season can be a wonderful time to explore the highest point in Kufri owing to its transformation to a snow-capped beauty. You can get great views atop the peak paddling on your horse.

The skiing season also calls the thrill-seekers to hit the jagged slopes. You can also make a brief haul to visit the Nag Devta temple on your way up. The trek on the mountain can be challenging yet professional trekkers will enjoy their trail overlooking the pride. If you want to take a closer view of the hills, telescope viewing at a nominal charge is also available.

The Presidential Retreat

Situated on the Chharabra peak is the official retreat residence of the President of India. The site is a must-visit amongst the various places to visit in Mashobra because of its rich architecture and radiantly vibrant atmosphere. The retreat is visited by the president once a year for two weeks in summer to host an official meets with delegates.

The abiding feature of the structure is its wooden structure with dajji wall construction built at an area of 10,000 square feet. The 16 roomed building is flanked by natural forests and is a thousand feet higher than the Shimla ridge top. In order to witness the magnificence special permission is required from government authorities.