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Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee Int. Airport - 14 KM

Amritsar Junction Railway Station - 9 KM

Regenta Place, Verka Bypass Amritsar, by Royal Orchid Hotels Ltd., is the new-age traveller's key, suited to immersive experiences for both business and leisure journeys. The Regenta Place, located in the heart of Amritsar, is a cutting-edge building in terms of structure, furnishings, and hospitality.
The hotel, which is near the airport and a short drive from the revered Golden Temple, draws inspiration from local culture and art in an effort to delight guests with the extravagant spirit of this special place, including its contagious joy, unmatched hospitality, renowned cultural magnanimity, and delectable cuisine.
Regenta epitomises all that is magnificent about Amritsar. The hotel, which is a beacon of elegance rooted in the soil of Punjab, provides a window into the soul of the city in all its splendour, emulating its history, art, culture, and energy with a modern flair. Regenta’s locafion makes it the most practical for leisure tourists from all over the world, conjuring up an amazing universe within a gigantic, gorgeous architecture. The hotel is driven by a love for excellence and a quest for beauty and elegance, and it looks forward to enhancing your stay at this facility with special encounters that give your journey more significance.

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