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Baghdad Point - 7 KM

Baghdad point is the stunning point in Mahabaleshwar. You get to enjoy a superb scenic view of the backwaters of Koyna Dam on your left, River Solshi in the front, and vast green slopes of Mahabaleshwar Plateau on your right. Flanked by the green Mahabaleshwar Plateau to its right and the Koyna Dam to its left, it is inter-cut by a flowing river and dotted with tiny hamlets, setting the perfect backdrop for some awe-inspiring photography and moments spent in the lap of lush, green nature.

Ling Mala Water Fall - 8 KM

The Lingmala Waterfall is a breathtaking and absolutely awe-inspiring waterfall that is situated on the Mahabaleshwar-Pune Road. Located just beside the forest Bungalow of Lingmala, the waterfalls provide a sense of relief and peace from the hectic work schedules and honking horns that are characteristic of the daily life, thereby becoming the perfect place for visitors to de-stress and relax.

Venna Lake - 14 KM

Venna Lake is a scenic man-made lake in Mahabaleshwar. The lake offers rowboats, and paddleboats ride to the visitors. Apart from the delightful boating experience, kids can have fun as they enjoy horse rides, mini train ride or try out their skills at the many game stalls set up on the banks.

Kshetra Mahableshwar - 16 KM

Covers all the points that are located in Mahableshwar also known as old Mahableshwar ( Panchganga Temple, Krishna Temple & Mahableshwar Temple, Authors Point, Monkey Point, Elephant Point and more.

Mapro Garden - 17 KM

Mapro Garden was established in the 1980s as an extension of the Mapro Foods Factory which enabled visitors to see the production of jams and syrups. Chocolate factory, a restaurant, a small nursery, a children's play area, and a retail outlet selling Mapro products are located within the garden.

Kaash Plateu - 30 KM

Kaas is a UNESCO World Heritage Site – it is blessed with stunning biodiversity all through the year. However, more than 850 species of plants (that include pretty orchids to the wild and carnivorous Drosera Indica), bloom only in September, up to early October. What you mustn’t expect are swaying lush meadows; the flowers in the plateau don’t normally rise more than afoot. But the sight of a million colourful, tiny flowers will quickly become your favourite memory from the trip. The Kaas lake here is a great picnic spot; you can have a quick snack here before leaving for the city again.