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Pench National Park - 2 KM

The Pench National Park, like it did in the iconic 'The Jungle Book', still brings humans in close contact with wildlife. Rudyard Kipling based Mowgli's adventures is on this very place. Located in the southern reaches of the Satpura range, it is divided by river Pench into nearly two equal parts. This magnificent expanse shelters over 285 resident and migratory birds. Pench National Park, with its majestic tigers and several other animals and birds, will bring back the thrill you used to have, when watching Mowgli battle Sher Khan.

Nature Walk - 2 KM

Experience a refreshing and informative walk through the buffer jungle with guides from the Forest Department

Kohka Dam - 3 KM

Kohka dam located right in the buffer area of Pench National Park is surrounded by dense forests from three sides. During the summers this is pretty much the only source of water for the animals and people living nearby. If lucky you can have a fairly good sighting of sambhar deer, langur monkeys, wild dogs, spotted deer, leopards, and tigers. Several species of birds like Rudy shell duck, comb nosed duck, cotton pygmy goose, river tern, little tern, open bill storks, painted storks, kingfishers, ospreys, etc. are seen wandering around this dam. Tathastu offers you an early morning or late evening visit to the dam accompanied by an experienced naturalist. Nature enthusiasts can also take a 4 km long nature walk from our resort to the dam.

Pachdhar Pottery Village - 12 KM

Farmers and potters of Pachdhar, practice this timeless handcraftsmanship as their primary occupation next to only subsistence agriculture. Painted with white and blue, almost every house is made of mud (kaccha houses), has huge verandahs for moulding earth into earthen utilities and beautiful crafts. Guests can take Jeep ride from Pench Jungle Camp to Pachdhar. You can also buy souvenirs to take back home.