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Jungle Safari

What better way to explore the woods than on the road with the wind in your hair? Kabini is one of the few parks that is open throughout the year. Be ready to get your mind blown by the flora and fauna that the park offers. Besides elephants & the big cats like tigers & leopards, be one of the few to sight a black panther in its natural habitat.

Boat Safari

Enjoy the Kabini waterscape & witness the largest congregation of Asiatic elephants on the banks of the river. In addition to the diverse wildlife that the riverbank offers, one can sight marsh crocodiles, otters & water birds.

Coracle Ride

Take a ride on the boat unique to this region and drift along the river, letting the scenery transport you to another world.

Balle Elephant Camp

Ever wondered what it takes to be the star attraction of the famous Dussehra procession in Mysore? Visit Arjuna, the famous elephant that has been carrying the golden howdah for over a decade now, at his home in the Balle elephant camp.

Evening Activities

Watch the Jenu Kurubas invoke the spirits of the forest through their traditional dance around the evening bonfire.

Nature Walk

Traverse the diverse habitat on foot. guided by local tribesmen, which offers an excellent opportunity to observe the flora & fauna unique to this region.

Hadi Visits

Spend some time at the local tribal hamlets and learn about the culture of the Jenu Kurubas, who are the natives of the land. Listen to their stories of the forest and of the creatures that inhabit them.

Bird Watching

Over 250 species of birds are found at Nagarhole National Park. Besides the enormous variety of woodland birds, there are large congregations of waterfowl in the Kabini River. Birds range from blue-bearded bee-eaters, scarlet minivets and malabar whistling thrush to the more common ospreys, herons and ducks.

Bullock Cart Ride

This unique transportation will take you to ancient times while showing you nearby village and serving hot coffee or cold juice by the riverside, making a perfect picnic.


Try your hand at potter and make vessels and other objects with clay. Use your artistic talents to create pots, dishes, mugs, vases, and other types of artwork.

Night Trail

Follow our trained naturalist on his exciting evening trail runs in the night. Our in-house naturalist is thrilled to show you various small creatures, including some poisonous ones. Enjoy the wildlife within the resort.

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