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Mysore Airport – 94.4KM

Mysore Railway Station – 110KM

Far from hustle and bustle of city life there exist a land where the air is clean, the roads are winding and the landscape is evergreen. Surrounded by indigenous wildlife, a dense tropical jungle and a beautiful river, Regenta Jungle Resort Kabini Springs, Kabini distinctly offers surreal and bespoke experiences as wild as mother nature herself.

Our resort is not just another mainstream resort in Kabini that offers only luxurious rooms and jaw dropping views. At our resort, each room or cottage displays a mélange of contemporary décor, top class furnishings and modern amenities that meets your needs. In addition to this, you get to dine under the stars, go on a safari, lounge and experience sweeping views of the forest, plunge into the turquoise blue waters of the large swimming pool, take long walks under the moonlight in the open-air gardens and do much more to make your holidays memorable and rejuvenating.

The next time you’re on the lookout for a break that offers a privileged peek of nature at play, add Regenta Jungle Resort Kabini Springs, Kabini to your bucket list.

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