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Somnath Temple - 6 KM

Situated within the radius of 6 km of the hotel, Somnath Temple is believed to be the first (among 12) jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva. The temple has a tumultuous history as it was plundered and destroyed by Muslim invaders. It was later reconstructed and boasts of Chalukyan style of architecture.

Bhalka Tirth - 4.3 KM

Located along the Western Coast of Gujarat, Bhalka Tirth is famed as the place where Lord Krishna was hit by an arrow shot by a hunter named Jara. Following this unfortunate incident, Lord Krishna is believed to haveleft for his heavenly abode.

Sangam Point (Triveni Ghat) - 9 KM

A point of confluence of 3 holy rivers -Saraswati, Hiranya and Kapila, Sangam Point attracts a lot of visitors. A sanctuary of peace, this place is a haven for all the bird watchers. It is believed that a dip in this sacred river can annihilate one’s bad deeds.

Somnath Beaches - 7 KM

The Somnath Beach is a picturesque beach located to the east of a town called Veravalin Gujarat. This extremely beautiful beach is named after the sacred Somnath Temple. It is renowned for its crystal clear water and beautiful white sand. In addition, this beach also provides for magnificent views of the “rising and setting sun”. Furthermore, a number of vendors selling fresh coconut water are found at this beach.

Gir Sanctuary - 30 KM

Gir Forest National Park is a wildlife sanctuary in Gujarat, western India. It was established to protect Asiatic lions, who frequent the fenced-off Devalia Safari Park, along with leopards and antelopes. Gir Jungle Trail, outside the fenced area, traverses deciduous forest and is home to wildlife including vultures and pythons. The Kamleshwar Dam has marsh crocodiles and birds, such as Indian skimmers and pelicans