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Swaminarayan Temple - 3km

Located in Wathoda near the Middle Ring Road, the temple is the largest among the over 1,000 temples that have been set up by Swaminarayan Sanstha across the world. Designed on the style of Sompuri architecture which is about temple designs, the temple also has a yatri niwas, sadhu sadan and a food court. The best time to visit the temple is in evening, post or during sunset when the temple gets fully lit with hues against the dark background of the night sky.

Maharajbagh Zoo - 6KM

Maharajbagh zoo is a zoo located in the heart of city of Nagpur. This Maharaj bagh was built by the rulers of Bhonsle dynasty of Maharashtra. This Zoo in Nagpur was recently renovated and the newly added botanical garden houses some rare species of plants. Animals at the Maharajbagh zoo Nagpur include leopards, lion, tiger, peacock and monkeys. The Zoo can be visited during any season of the year. However, it is recommended that the visit should be made during October-March as the pleasant weather makes it feasible for all to see the animals.

Pench National Park - 120 KM

Housed in the Seoni and Chhindwara districts of Madhya Pradesh, Pench National Park owes its name to the river Pench which cuts a path through the forests. The beauty of Pench National Park is so enchanting that it sparked one of the best creations of Rudyard Kipling- The Jungle Book. The Pench National Park Safari is the best of its kind in the entire country. Besides that, activities like nature trails, elephant safaris, boating, bonfires, bird watching, wildlife spotting, and cycling rides add magic and excitement to your stay.

Tadoba Tiger Reserve - 148 km

Tadoba Tiger Reserve is located in the heart of Chimur hills. Rated amoungst the best wildlife destinations in india, Tadoban tiger reserve is home to a wide range of animals like tigers, panthers, hyenas, sloth bears, wild dogs, jackals, barking deer, bison, sambar etc.