Post-pandemic care in hospitality industry


The hospitality industry has been noticing the increasing importance of customer service and cleanliness post-pandemic. Royal Orchid,, and Freudenberg Gala share their insights on the same.

?In a post-pandemic world, the concept of customer service has changed significantly with brands embracing empathy and human connection. This can be as simple as asking how customers are doing or even as complex as slowing down complicated interactions to walk customers through step-by-step instructions. The sole objective of brands is to make customers feel a part of the family. This is to retain loyalty.

Chander K Baljee, Chairman and Managing Director, Royal Orchid Hotels & Regenta Hotels says, “At Royal Orchid and Regenta Hotels, we believe in making customers feel valued which is the heart of our customer experience. Empathy has always been a key skill for customer service, but it has become even more essential during uncharted moments. Customers are most loyal to businesses that have demonstrated empathy during the pandemic. It is no longer just about problem-solving for a better customer experience but building on enhancing relationships and retaining customer loyalty.”

He further adds “Our customer service success is also evident in other areas such as care for hygiene and cleanliness, be it post or even pre-pandemic times. Adaptability is another key strength. In our view focusing on the key aspects below helps us better our customer service experience in a post-pandemic world”.

  • Focus on customer care
  • Promote health and safety measures
  • Interact and understand customers
  • Forecast for the future
  • Focus on flexibility

According to Ashish Santhalia, CEO and Co-founder Convin, “The pandemic has definitely altered a few things for businesses and customers. Customer purchase decision-making is one of them. Customers expect a high quality of service at every interaction stage, especially in the case of the hospitality industry. And one such key interaction stage is the first call made by the customer. The process of making a buying decision starts on the first call. Convin has made another significant observation. Relaxation on travel restrictions surged the number of people booking trips and vacations. The competition between hotels and agencies to attract the masses and improve booking numbers increased, compensating for the lockdown losses. Consequently, travel agents are swamped with customer calls. Businesses in the hospitality industry need to ensure each conversation quality is impeccable. This interaction is a representative of the brand and has a long-term impact on the customer’s perception.”

“At Convin, we identified the performance gap and assisted agents in understanding how interactions affect the end-users (customers) and how they can improve– to beat the competition, increase bookings, & gain positive word of mouth. Our scalable call center solutions are targeted at fast-tracking call monitoring and agent coaching to improve conversation quality and explicitly handle simple to complex customer queries. Archaic manual agent coaching techniques like call shadowing are time-consuming, end up costing the company, and lastly, unfeasible with the hybrid working model. In accordance with changing buying trends, Convin encourages the reapplication of call best practices that have given high success rates in previous customer interactions. Convin solutions tackle several post-pandemic challenges by automating the call monitoring to the agent coaching process. With automation, we are able to meet the speed and agility of today’s consumers without compromising on customer experience.”

“Vileda Professional a part of Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions, Weinheim – Germany. The company manufactures innovative professional cleaning tools for various application areas such Hotels, HoReCa, Schools, Corporates, Healthcare, and Enterprises Vileda Professional offers innovative hotel cleaning solutions to significantly improve the cleanliness of all accommodations:

  • We offer robust and durable cleaning systems
  • You can rely on highly perceivable cleaning results
  • Our microfiber products comply with highest hygiene standards
  • All our products are easy to use and fulfil high ergonomic standards
  • We train your staff in user friendly and highly efficient cleaning methods
  • We offer a sustainable hotel cleaning concept that decreases chemical and overall water consumption

“By increasing the cleanliness and overall hygiene of your hotel accommodations you can increase your room occupancy rate, while reinforcing guest loyalty. Vileda Professional promise to help you raise cleaning efficiency and effectiveness to achieve that exact goal.”

“Besides ensuring a safe working environment for housekeepers, we work hard to make our hotel cleaning solutions as sustainable as possible. We support the environmentally friendly production of our sustainable cleaning products”, says CRG Prasad, India Sales Director of Vileda Professional.

Post-pandemic care in hospitality industry

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Chander K Baljee, Chairman and Managing Director, Royal Orchid Hotels Ltd. (ROHLTD) shares with us some hospitality insights of the group and his vision to operate 100 hotels by 2023


A founder, entrepreneur and visionary are what best describes Chander K Baljee, who is also the Chairman and Managing Director of Royal Orchid Hotels. He is also actively a member of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Member of All India Management Association (AIMA). After four decades in the hospitality industry, Mr Baljee strongly advocates consistency and quality in everything with customers being a company’s top priority. He believes that perseverance and determination are what help a company sail the tide in good and challenging moments.

Royal Orchid Hotels and Regenta Hotels today have a portfolio of over 75 properties in more than 48 cities across India. The group has a target of a milestone of 100 hotels by the end of 2023. Regenta and Royal Orchid Hotels is one of India’s fastest-growing hotel chains. It primarily operates 5-star, 4-star, and resorts, enabling it to target discerning business and leisure travellers. The vision of the company is to be the Preferred Hotel Chain for the discerning global traveller. The brand ‘Regenta’ is an extension of the Royal Orchid Hotel Group. It is designed for travellers whose watchword is value and convenience. It is categorized into Regenta, Regenta Central, Regenta Resort, and Regenta Inn.


  • How are the trends changing and contributing to the Indian hospitality industry?

(I give the context regarding the trend & guest experience at our hotels) Some interesting trends are emerging in the medium-to-long term. A lot of them will change the way we run our hotels.

Our experience of the pandemic showed that it helped transform our lifestyles. Working from home is more acceptable now and digital meetings are the way forward in a bid to utilize time more effectively. Socialising at home is gaining momentum backed by high-quality catering, instead of dining out. These are just some of the opportunities.


Then there is the emergence of restaurants with limited seating even within the hotel space. Furthermore, in a way to cater to demand, restaurants will extend their operating hours. The next is short-haul travel, staycation for extended weekends, and road holidays, this is a holiday on the road or travel within a four-hour radius of your country.

In a post-pandemic world, there is certainly more dependence on technology and automation in hotels. The focus of travel will now shift to personal well-being and the environment. There will be transformative changes in the way we travel and holiday, which will also be reflected in the hospitality industry. There will be more focus on experiences and emphasis on health and hygiene. Hotels will also rationalize their supply chain and run far more efficiently.


  • What is your take on The ‘go-to’ expert for owned, leased, managed, and franchised hotel models?

We have always maintained that we follow an asset-light mode. Wherein, we manage and run the property by our brand name and SOPs on the owner’s behalf, this also includes operational expenses. In return, we charge a management fee from the top line and bottom line.

In the Franchise mode, we offer just our brand name while the SOPs with sales and marketing support, and the operations are managed by the owners.


  • Kindly give us a brief on the patronage of having loyal members in India.

Royal Orchid and Regenta brands have a loyalty programme titled WANDERLUST. This premier guest loyalty program currently links our three lakh, active members, to Regenta and Royal Orchid Hotels’ pan-India portfolio of brands. The benefits provided within Wanderlust help them turn their hotel stays and purchases into travel experiences worth sharing with family and friends.


  • What is the expansion plan of the company?

The Regenta & Royal Orchid Hotel brands are much preferred Indian brands by guests given their value and loyalty. With customer service as key, we will continue to expand our footprints in Tier three and four cities too.

We are now investing across segments such as in wildlife, spiritual, and leisure destinations while continuing expansion in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities. Our expansion strategy is rooted in the fact that people today wish to travel further, more often, and to off-beat locations. We are constantly on the lookout for good locations and the right partners.


In 2021-22, we have opened nine hotels with 388 keys. We expect this momentum to carry forward into FY 2022-23 wherein we are better placed to strive for further growth in the years ahead.

Set one’s sight

Trading Meal for Wholesome Soups

23 Dec 2016

Bangalore Literature Festival

When all roads for booklovers & bibliophiles led to Hotel Royal Orchid, Bangalore, the venue of the Bangalore Literature Festival. The first day of the Literary event was made special by the presence of Shashi Tharoor,Sudha Murthy,Narayana Murthy and Chetan Bhagat

23 Jul 2011

2nd Annual North Karnataka CME

2nd Annual North Karnataka CME (Continued Medical Education) – Doctor's Conference, held at our Hotel.

Mr. Narendra Kumar Baldota (Chairman of Baldota Group of Companies) was the chief guest to inaugurate the event.

Mr. Narendra Kumar Baldota (Chairman of Baldota Group of Companies) was the chief guest to inaugurate the event.

22 Nov 2010

The Royal Orchid Art Camp

Hotel Royal Orchid, Bangalore hosted the first Royal Orchid art camp from 22nd to 28th Nov ‘2010 where 17 eminent contemporary artists from across India came & showcased their work over a week. The weeklong event also saw the “Art of making Cocktail” competition & “Art Appreciation evening”. The event concluded on Sunday 28th Nov with the display of the artists work followed by Brunch & Cocktail where the eminent people of Bangalore gathered to appreciate art.

The artists with Mr.C.K. Baljee at the inauguration

The Signed Canvas by the artists to mark the beginning of the event

Painting by G.S. Vasudevan

Painting by Pritam Bhatty

Yususf Arakkal with the artist on the Art Appreciation evening

19 Dec 2009


SHARIK HASAN TRIO performs in Bangalore, on 19th December 2009, at the lawns Hotel Royal Orchid Airport road as part of the BONJOUR INDIA festival. This was an initiative by the Embassy of France in India and Cultures France.

Sharik Hasan Paris Trio, an Indo- French groupof three young musicians performing at the lawns of Hotel Royal Orchid

Sharik Hasan Paris Trio, an Indo- French groupof three young musicians performing at the lawns of Hotel Royal Orchid

Sharik Hasan the 26 year old musician performing at Hotel Royal Orchid Lawns, Bangalore

Gael Petrina from Ecuador playing the electric bass guitar at Hotel Royal Orchid Lawns, Bangalore (part of the Sharik Hasan Trio)

Guests at the Hotel Royal Orchid lawns seen enjoying the Indo French musical evening

28 Nov 2009

Naseeruddin Shah, Ratna Pathak Shah and Randeep Hooda were at the Roof Top Pool of Hotel Royal Orchid, Bangalore for Cake Mixing before Christmas

28 Nov 2009

Event Coverage

Naseeruddin Shah, Ratna Pathak Shah and Randeep Hooda were at the Roof Top Pool of Hotel Royal Orchid, Bangalore for Cake Mixing before Christmas

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