Aga Khan Palace Pune - All You Need to Know Before You Go

The majestic Aga Khan Palace, situated on 19 acres of land in the Yerwada neighborhood of Pune, was constructed in 1982 by Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan III. The palace in Pune is regarded as one of the most significant historical sites in India, along with the Indian liberation struggle, and its origins are steeped in the past. When famine struck Pune severely in the early 1980s, the palace was constructed to aid the underprivileged in the region. The Aga Khan Palace, one of Pune's most beautiful architectural creations and a popular tourist destination, was created by renowned architect Charles Correa.


The Aga Khan Palace is located in a huge ground and features five, beautiful big halls, along with various lawns. The building has an attractive, ornate, and beautiful quality reminiscent of Italian architecture. The palace's arches are the most exquisite and visually mesmerizing of all the rooms and features. The Aga Khan Palace features two enormous levels and a corridor that runs the length of the building.


The palace is renowned for hosting several exhibitions and events all year long. The majority of these exhibit Gandhi's way of living and provide visitors with a comprehensive understanding of the Mahatma's life.

The palace is now known as the Gandhi National Memorial Society. The room where Gandhi resided while imprisoned, along with his personal belongings and images of the other freedom fighters, is one of the palace's most notable attractions.


Aga Khan Palace in Pune address is Nagar Road, Samrat Ashok Rd, Pune, Maharashtra. The Aga Khan Palace has a deep-rooted history with the Indian freedom struggle and Mahatma Gandhi attached to it. It is a great example of the interweaving between the European and the Saracenic styles of architecture.


The entry fee to Aga Khan Palace is INR 5 for Indian Nationals. For foreigners, the fee is INR 100. Also, for children, the entry fee is INR 2. Aga Khan Palace Timing: One can visit the palace every day between 09:00 a.m. to 05:30 p.m. 


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