Welcome to the City of Temples! - A Guide to Things to do in Mysore

Whether talking about South Indian street food or exploring the state's history, Mysore always comes to everyone’s mind. This city of palaces with royal heritage and colonial architecture, has so much to offer to every visitor. The list of things to do in Mysore has no boundary. From famous tourist spots to offbeat destinations, you have something or other to do in the city every day. 
Here is a guide to things to do in Mysore:
Visit Mysore Palace
Also called Amba Vilas Palace, Mysore Palace is the heart of the city. Once a residence of the Wodeyar Maharajas of the state, is now one of the most visited tourist spots not only in Mysore but also in whole India. This magnificent palace is considered among the largest palaces in India. You cannot miss visiting this iconic spot.
Chamundi Hill
The breathtaking views of Mysore city and the picturesque landscapes around the hills make Chamundi Hills a top tourist magnet attracting photographers, tourists and nature lovers towards its beauty. The Chamundeshwari Temple  is another reason to captivate Hindu devotees to the hills. Visit the place in the evening to witness the alluring sunset.
Somnathpur Temple
To witness the impressive artistic and engineering attainment of the era, or admire the delicate carvings and sculptures, Somnathpur Temple is the best place to stop by. Situated 35 kms from the main city, this temple is a perfect example of ancient architecture and sculptures.  
Meenakshipura Backwaters
Visiting various beaches is quite fun. But have you ever experienced the calmness of backwaters? Meenakshipura backwaters is one such famous serene backwaters which will definitely steal your heart. If you are looking for majestic views with tranquillity, this Mysore beach is just your place.
Stop By the Silk Factory
We are sure this would be something new for you. The famous Karnataka Silk industries corporation factory allows its visitors to see the preparation of renowned Mysore silk sarees. Yes, you read that right! Visit the silk factory to know how a silk saree is made right from unspooling of silk till the final dyeing process. It is one of the finest things to do in Mysore.
Melody World Wax Museum
Situated 3 kms from Mysore palace, This Melody World Wax Museum was built to honor the musicians around the globe. This museum consists 19 galleries, each presenting an experience of music from the whole world. It displays 110 life-size wax statues dressed in traditional attire, along with nearly 300 kinds of musical instruments from different parts of the country.
Book a Gully Tour
The more you indulge yourself in the culture and history of Mysore, the more you will fall in love with the city. The best way to tap the secret of its heritage is to explore the place by walking tours. There are plenty of gully tours available to traverse around the city. Choose the best one that suits you. You can either take the heritage tour, or some other that will lead you to relive Malgudi days at R. K. Narayan Museum. The best thing about the walking tour is that it ends with a trail to Mysore’s famous eateries that will indulge you in mouthwatering local delicacies.
There are endless things to do in Mysore, which surely make the city the maximum contributor of the state’s tourism. Try out the city’s culinary heritage with some famous street food items at the best local restaurants. The best time to visit Mysore is during the world famous Dasara Festival. The lit-up Mysore palace, Dasara’s Jamboo Savari, and indulging in the cultural experiences will up add a charm to your trip. 
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