The urban dictionary for famous dishes in Jaipur

The 'Pink city’ aka ’Land of Maharaja’s’, Jaipur is filled with rich culture and diversity. Royalty is clearly visible in the veins of the city. From charming palaces, to majestic forts, from unique cuisines to alluring textiles, Jaipur is one spot destination to bring out the King/Queen inside you.

Apart from forts, palaces and textiles, the city is also well-known for its rich choices in mouthwatering delicacies. The food has all the flavours of spiciness and royalness just like the state of Rajasthan. The lavish cuisines continued from the times of Maharaja’s are a key point to attract gourmets. This platter of this royalness will take you through an array of delicacies with a sweet and spicy tantalising taste.

Come let’s get through the urban dictionary consisting of some of the famous dishes in Jaipur, especially curated for you to try!


Aam Ki Launji

A refreshing dish made from raw mangoes, chillies, mustard seed and sweets acts as a coolant in the hottest place amidst hot sand. A little sweet and sour by its taste, Aam ki launji is primarily a pickle type Rajasthani chutney which one must have to beat the heat of the state.


Bajre Ki Khichdi

Prepared in various states across the nation, Bajre ki Khichdi is quite famous because of its warming and nutritious factors. To make it more healthy, vegetables such as carrot, cauliflower, peas and potato can be included in it. If you are visiting Jaipur during winters, then this should go on your try out list.


Dal Bati Churma

Among the most famous dishes in Jaipur, Dal Bati churma is something you cannot afford to miss out on. This world renowned signature Rajasthani delicacy is basically a combination of three different items, Dal, bati and the churma. This mixture of spiciness and sweetness will surely tantalise your


Gatte Ki Sabji

Another traditional dish of Rajasthan, Gatte ki sabji is made of gram flour pieces (known as gatte) in the conventional yoghurt (dahi) curry. This spicy dish tastes heavenly when paired with bajre ki roti added with a lot of ghee.



Your gastronomical ride to Jaipur will be incomplete if you won’t try this divine sweet dish. Ghevar makers are known as artists because making this round shaped dish from flour, sugar, desi ghee and milk requires years of experience and expertise. Generally made during the traditional Hindu festival of Teej, now ghevar can be found in shops throughout the year in Jaipur.


Ker Sangri

Served with bajre ki roti and pickles, Ker Sanjri is a unique and phenomenal dish of the whole state. This incredible dish is the most important element of Rajasthani thali.


Laal Maas

Jaipur is very well known for its non-vegetarian delicacies, especially when it comes to Laal Maas. This must have traditional dish of the entire Rajasthan is basically mutton curry prepared for hours in yoghurt and local spices. If you are in team spiciness, then don’t forget to energise your taste buds with this mouthwatering dish.


Mirchi Vadas

Mirchi Vadas, a tea-time snack, relished with chutneys throughout the state. The big green chillies are stuffed with potato mixture and then deep fried with besan coating. This go-to supper time snack can be found at every corner.

Pyaz Ki Kachori

Another famous tea-time snack of not only Jaipur, but the entire Rajasthan. This deep fried patty filled with potato and onion is an impressionable snack of the city which tastes heavenly with chutney. You will easily find it in every third snack shop.


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