The Ultimate Glossary of Festivals in Bangalore that you must experience

Rightly known as the ‘land of festivals’ and renowned for its diversity, India is an amalgamation of tradition and modernity in every aspect. Everyday in the country you have one or the other thing to celebrate about. It is said that there’s no better way to enjoy a place more than experiencing its local festivities and celebrations.

Bangalore, one of the most glorious city of the country, has a rich blend of cultural and economic centres. More than the IT hub, the city is quite famous for its festivals and fairs that bring ahead the conventional sphere of modernity without detaching from the roots of tradition. 

Here, we have a made a list of festivals in Bangalore that one must experience:


1. Ugadi or the Kannada New Year

Believed to be an auspicious day to start all the things, Ugadi or the Kannada New year involves day-long festivities. Also celebrated as Gudi Padwa, it marks the celebration of a new era or new year. Just like Diwali, the houses are cleaned and then decorated with mango leaves, flowers and rangoli designs. The day is toasted with a great feast that includes traditional kannada dishes.


2. Groundnut Festival or Kadalekai Parishe

Kadalekai Parishe, meaning groundnut fair, celebrated on the occasion of the harvest of the first production of groundnut crop. This annual event witnesses a huge number of vendors from all over south India who come to trade huge stacks of groundnuts. Dedicated to Lord Basava, this 2 days fair has a variety of stalls selling toys, bangles, objects made of clay. It is a sight to watch when thousands of lamps are lit in the Bull Temple for the revelry.


3. Karaga Festival

Celebrated in the month of March or April, Karaga is one of the foremost festivals in Bangalore. Just like Navarate is celebrated in north India, in the similar way Karaga is performed in Bangalore for 9 days in honour of Goddess Shakti.


4. Vijayadashami

Commonly known as Dussehra, it is another major festival to be celebrated in the city. Vijayadashami remarks on the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana. With thousands of light works, fireworks, music and dance along with a feast of delicacies, the city holds a great ceremony.


5. Gowri Habba

There’s not a single month when this IT hub city doesn’t celebrate any festival. The Gowri Habba festival, depicting the lively side of Bangaloreans. Dedicated to all the married women, they dress up in novel clothes, decorate their home and pray to Goddess Gowri to bring purification, courage and power to the soul.


6. Diwali

This festival of light is the most auspicious festival of the whole nation. However, this day is all about lights, crackers and lanterns for the Bangaloreans. Diwali aka Deepawali is incomplete without indulging in sweetness of Indian Mithais. Every house is lit with diyas, and candles. The highlight of Diwali in Bangalore is the sky after the sunset. You will witness one of the best fireworks in the country along with thousands of  lanterns in the sky.


So, apart from the hustle-bustle of horns on the road and the being a home to maximum engineers, the city is a hub of celebrations too. The list of festivals in Bangalore is never ending.  From Maha-shivratri to Ganesh Chaturthi, each and every festival is celebrated with procession, crackers, feast and trumpets.  


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