Street food in Mysore you shouldn't miss!

Mysore - The city of palaces, a gem of the state Karnataka is famous for its heritage structures and palaces. Situated at the foothills of Chamundi Hills, the city attracts a lot of tourists throughout the year. Other than sandal woods and the world famous Dasara festival, the place is renowned for its culture, tradition and local street food. The street food in Mysore is something that you shouldn’t miss. Just like most of the south Indian cities, you will definitely find dosas, idlis, and vadas at every corner. But we ensure the list below is beyond your regular street food!
Come, let us take you through some mouthwatering street food in Mysore, which you can’t miss to try. 
1. Khara Bath

Source:wikimedia commons

Khara is basically upma, the most famous south Indian delicacy preferred in breakfast. Made from semolina, mix veggies and spices, when paired with coconut chutney tastes amazing. 
2. Poori Saagu

Source: Vahrehvah

You might think that poori is served in every part of the country, then what's’ different in this? It is the taste and the spices used in the curry that makes Karnataka poori different from others. 
3. Bisibelabath

Source:Archana's Kitchen

Bisibelabath, meaning hot lentil rice in local language, is a spicy, rice-based dish preferred as a lunch item. It is hot served with chutney, boondi raita or potato chips. The traditional Bisi Bele Bath goes up to 30 ingredients. 
4. Mysore pak

Source: The Times of India

An Indian sweet originated in Mysore, is a desert with a similar texture to fudge. The sweet is prepared solely in Desi ghee with sugar, gram flour, and sometimes cardamom is also added to it. This super delicious Indian sweet dish is a must try. 
5. Kori Gassi

Source: Maunika Gowardhan

Mangalorean style chicken curry, cooked in traditional style coconut curry. It was a native dish of the Bunt community. But now, it is available in the whole city. It tastes best with neer dosa or steamed rice.
6. Shavige Bath

Source: food & remedy

Vermicelli Upma aka shavige bath is another must try street food in Mysore. It is a popular breakfast and tea time snack item in the whole state. Made from thin and light vermicelli, assorted with vegetables and nuts with curry leaves flavours, this dish turns divine when paired with coconut chutney. 
7. Payasam

Source: The Indian Express

Payasam is just another name for a famous Indian sweet dish, Kheer. It is a slow-cooked rice pudding topped with nuts, cashews or raisins. Anima Bhavan in Mysore is quite famous to try out this cuisine. 
The list doesn’t end here. You cannot leave the city without having the famous and common south Indian food. The local and authentic Dosas, Vada, Idlies and of course Uttapam also include in the must try street food in Mysore. You might have had them usually in every part of the country now. But we assure you these local dishes taste like heaven. 
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