Sightseeing and Things to do in Mysore Zoo

There are many beautiful sites to visit in Mysore that provide wonderful experiences. While numerous tourist destinations offer services to various types of visitors, Mysore Zoo is one of the locations that is loved by everyone. 


Referred to as Sri Chamarajendra Zoological garden, one of India's biggest and best zoos is the one in Mysore. The zoo, which is 3 km long and 3 km wide, contains a large diversity of both plants and animals. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of South India and draws millions of visitors each year. The zoo is in excellent condition and allows you to delight in the untamed beauty of nature and wildlife.


The Zoo is well recognised for its collection of rarely seen creatures, which includes giraffes, elephants, lions, tigers, and green anacondas. It is India's only zoo with gorillas. In the aviary area, which shuts at 5 o'clock, you may also observe some vibrantly feathered birds.


The Zoo has a very high level of floral diversity. There are both uncommon and widespread plants. The Chamundi hills, which are located in the background, are a wonderful addition to the Zoo's broad variety of flora and fauna. A programme for adopting animals at the Mysore Zoo in Mysore allows you to do so for a predetermined amount of time. 


Mysore Zoo opening time: Except for Tuesdays, the Zoo is open every day of the week from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.


Best time to visit Mysore Zoo: Since the animals hibernate most of the time in winter and summer, the best time to visit would be the rainy season, around June to September. But despite this, the summer season also invites a range of fauna and other birds which migrate for a period. Even if you pay your visit during the summers, make sure you go to the zoo before noon or after 3 pm because the animals don’t tend to move out during this time and mostly hide under their shelters. Whereas, they are fully active during the morning and the evening.


Mysore zoo entry fees: Adults must pay Rs. 50 per person to enter, while minors must pay Rs. 20. The zoo is just 3 km away from the main part of the city. State transport buses and taxis are easily available. Also if you happen to visit Mysore palace before coming here, you would get direct auto rickshaws to the zoo.


If you are wondering about a place to stay and unwind near Mysore Zoo, then we have got you covered! One of the best hotels in Mysore, The Royal Orchid Brindavan Garden & Spa is a historic hotel that has a view of the well-known Brindavan Gardens. It is the go-to place for discerning tourists. The hotel has 24 exclusive rooms that embody the charm and grandeur of the Maharajas era and are known for their unrivalled views of the gardens at the KRS Dam.


 Celebrities and individuals seeking seclusion and privacy frequently stay at the hotel, which typically requires bookings in advance. Both the Elephant Bar and the hotel's courtyard-style coffee shop, Garden Cafe, have balconies with views of the Brindavan Gardens. C.Ks, a multi-cuisine restaurant inside the hotel, provides an upscale dining experience. The hotel is a popular location for city escapes, intimate gatherings, and evening soirees.


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