Here's why you'll definitely want to read more about the nightlife in Pune!

Here's why you'll definitely want to read more about the nightlife in Pune!
Pune, a paradise for nightlife seekers, is also a perfect blend of history and modernity. When it comes to exploring the city, many travellers choose to step out during the night for a different experience. The nightlife in Pune is among the most talked topics in the country. There are various hotels in Pune which provide you the facility for clubs in case you are a party animal. Most people think nightlife is better when in pubs. But, you would be shocked to hear that Pune has many more options when it comes to enjoying the nightlife. 
During the day you would find the city in a hustle mode, as soon as the sunsets, Pune becomes a different city. You will find over a hundred pubs and night-clubs, open up till 4 AM. To help you with the perfect places to roam around the city during the night, we have curated a list. Sit back and add the places to your diary.
1. Pune Food Walk Tour
Nothing starts with an empty stomach. So, beginning our list with the most famous Pune Food walk tour. Stroll through extensive lanes of the oldest food shops in Pune to try out the mouthwatering local food items like bhel, vada pav, Dabeli, and samosas.
2. Saunter At Koregaon Park Road
Koregaon Park is one of the most happening places especially when it comes to talking about nightlife in Pune. It is a go-to place for anybody with a variety of hangout places. From top restaurants to cute cafes and bakeries, from grabbing some quirky clothes and accessories to simply enjoy the night charm of the place. Koregaon Park has something stored for everyone.
3. Shinde Chhatri
A magnificent monument dedicated to a famous Maratha military leader, Mahadji Shinde is one of the top tourist attractions in Pune which is open till 9 pm. It is a three-storey memorial with an inbuilt Shiva Temple. The spot is quite famous for visiting after sunset as it is more delightful to watch the edifice with all the illumination.
4. Chokhi Dhani
Bringing the Rajasthani culture to Pune, Chokhi Dhani is another mesmerising place to visit during the night. It gets its real beauty and vibe once the sparkling lights turn on. Experience traditional food, folk dance under the beautiful night sky.
5. Velhe, Pune
What can be a better idea to enjoy the nightlife in Pune other than camping under the stars. Camping, night trek to Torna Fort, hiking or cliff jumping; Velhe has got all these covered. A small ideal place away from the chaos of the city is a perfect spot for you to spend a night with nature in tranquillity. Bhor is another famous location for camping, BBQ, bonfire and other exciting activities which you can check out. 
6. Enjoy Live Gigs
A great night time activity to do in Pune is to attend live-gig performances. Many pubs and clubs conduct live performances of creators belonging to different genres. Soul-stirring music with some drinks and food will surely make it a perfect combo for a night.  
The list doesn’t stop here. The city has a lot of options for late night dinner, a cup of coffee in a cute cafe or take out your dancing shoes for a party in a discotheque. Not in a mood for this? Then go for a drive till Pawna Lake. Nightlife in Pune takes care of all your moods.
What are you waiting for? Start wandering the city for many delightful experiences. If you are looking for the best hotels in Pune then book your stay at Royal Orchid Central. Located near both the airport and railway station, we offer an ideal place for both  leisure and business travellers.

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