Have you visited these places in Nagpur?

The ‘Tiger capital of India’, Nagpur is one of the largest cities of Maharashtra. This smart city of India has witnessed many important wars and battles. Supplemented with rich culture and heritage, there are numerous places in Nagpur which acts as a magnet for the tourists. For the religious souls to nature admirers, the city has everything for you. You can either explore the scenic landscapes or trap yourself in ancient history by visiting historic monuments.
To make your guide easy, we have curated a list of places in Nagpur, which you should visit on your next trip to the city.
? Ambazari Lake & Garden
Out of 11 lakes that the city has, Ambazari is the most iconic and renowned among the tourist destinations. Its mere beauty and tranquillity makes it a perfect place in Nagpur to sit and admire nature. Next to it, there is 25 acres of garden which is just like the cherry on the cake. The garden harbours dozens of flora & fauna that is definitely not to be missed.
? Deeksha Bhoomi
Erected in the remembrance of Dr. Ambedkar and his event of supporting Buddhism, Deeksha Bhoomi is said to be the most peaceful place in Nagpur. The bronze statue of Buddha in company with the sacred tree attracts tourists towards this place. This largest dome shaped shanti stupa has to be on your list.
? Sitabuldi Fort
An important fort in the history of Indian battles, this fort is situated atop a hillock giving majestic views of the surroundings. The fort is remembered as the battleground for the fight between the Kingdom of Nagpur and the British during the Maratha war. Now under the control of the Indian Army, Sitabuldi fort is one of the best places to visit in Nagpur.
? Ramtek Temple
This 600-year-old temple is the most soothing place in the city. The temple is located at a hilltop inside a fort and has a lot to offer to its visitors. Apart from magnificent paintings and engravings, the temple also has a mythological story and background from the times of Lord Rama.
? Umred Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary
A hub for nature lovers and photographers, Umred Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary is home to one of the largest tigers in the entire sanctuary. If you are looking for something adventurous throughout the day, this is your perfect place. Spot species such as pangolins and flying squirrels, Gaur and wild dogs.
? Lata Mangeshkar Musical Garden
With melodic wellsprings, calming tunes and music, Lata Mangeshkar Musical Garden is a must go place during the night. This courtyard
nursery appeases the soul of each guest, making it one of the most attractives places in Nagpur.
A home to 13 tiger reserves and a main trade centre for oranges, Nagpur has a lot to offer to every visitor. You can either visit historical monuments, magnificent temples or alluring lakes, buy some local oranges and cotton fabric, and of course try out unique and spicy Saoji food.
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