5 Best Dishes You Must Eat When in Bangalore

1) Bisi Bele Bath

It’s one iconic dish found in Bangalore restaurants- spicy, rice-based with lentils with a hint of little sourness of tamarind. For some foodies, it’s comfort food with all the flavours. Best restaurant to find bisi bele bath is MTR Basavanagudi- Mavalli Tiffin, a.k.a MTR.

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2) Benne Masala Dosa

Benne masala simply corresponds to butter dosa. It’s one of the famous and yummiest dosa you can try in Bangalore restaurant. It’s prepared by using generous amounts of butter and goes well with coconut chutney. The best restaurant you can find is Davangere Benne Masala Dosa Hotel.

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3) Dahi Kebabs

And here we have our appetizing Dahi kebabs, these kebabs are filled with the goodness of hung curd and paneer and some basic spices. The Tiger Trail by Royal Orchid is the place you should look for some yummy Dahi kebabs and cuisine from the North-West frontiers.

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4) Mysore Pak

We are talking about yummy dishes so how can we forget about sweet dishes; we have got you covered. Mysore Pak is the most popular South Indian sweet, it has a soft texture that melts in the mouth perfectly. The best place to have Mysore Pak in Bangalore will be Gundappa Sweets And Bakery.

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5) Bun Nippat

It’s a burger with a little Indian twist to it. With a fluffy bun, mint and tamarind chutney and with the filling of crunchy nippat. The best place to find Bun nippat Chetty’s Corner.

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So here we have got you all the lip-smacking food that you can try in Bangalore, you can also try some exotic North Indian food at Tiger Trail (Fine Dine Indian Restaurant) by Royal Orchid Bangalore. Foodies, we have some suggestions for a food hub in Bangalore, the first being the very famous Food Street. The next popular fast-food spot that has heaps of other good items on the menu, too. LimeLight (Coffee Shop) by Royal Orchid. So foodies I hope you enjoy all the delicious and flavourful food and thank us later!

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