Explore Nandi Hills - Best Time and Tips for Day Trips

Bangalore is surrounded by the beauty of nature and the best parts of Karnataka. Book now for amazing views and the experience of a lifetime with a trip to Nandi hills. Make the most of the superb outdoors and get the adventure experience you always wanted!


Prime area

Hotel Royal Orchid is situated in the exclusive Indiranagar neighborhood, near the CBD, and next to KGA Golf Course. The 195 rooms and suites of the 5-star hotel provide views of the golf course. Both business and leisure guests favor the Hotel Royal Orchid.


Nandi hills

Tipu Sultan once made Nandhi Hill, also called Nandidurg, his summer getaway.  The hill also contains temples from the Chola era. It lies 65 km away from the royal orchid. The finest aspect about visiting the hilltop is getting to see the low-lying clouds swirling all around you. Nandi Hills is well known for its historical landmarks, heritage monuments, trekking paths, cycling routes, and adventure sports like paragliding. It's definitely the ideal location for a tranquil getaway from metropolitan life.

Tour the Amara Narayana Temple to receive spiritual guidance and energies and to see the magnificent Tashk-e-jannat, a palace with exquisitely carved pillars and painted walls. There are a number of well-known temples and shrines in Nandi Hills, including the Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple, which is devoted to Lord Shiva and his friends Parvati and Nandi. As it is one of the older temples in the region, this one is also a wonder of architecture and a popular destination for pilgrims.


Best time to visit


Although the area has beautiful weather all year long, the best time to explore Nandi Hills is from September to May. Due to rain, it is less advisable to travel during the remaining monsoon months because the route may become slick and challenging to ascend. Summer afternoons can be oppressive, so schedule your vacation for early in the day or late at night. In order to see the stunning sunset, it is preferable to arrive at Nandi Hills around 5:30.


Explore the beauty of the hills with us and experience stunning views from all over the place!!


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