Bangalore to Hampi Road Trip - The Ultimate Travel Guide

Looking for a long weekend getaway. We have a perfect road trip plan for you. Bangalore to Hampi is one of the incredible road trip. The route passes through suburbs and small towns of Tamil Nadu and into the quieter and greener locales, with alluring nature and tourist spots along the way.

Here are Popular Places to Explore on this Road Trip :

Route 1: Hospet (from NH48 & NH50)

Distance of approximately 360 kilometres, which takes 6-7 hours of drive.
Bangalore - Chitradurga, Hospet - Hampi

  • Chitradurga fort: The fort has seven concentric fortifications where you will encounter diverse places to explore which consist of warehouses, ancient Temples , mosques and citadel. If you have ample time, you should explore the fort from the top which will be accompanied by a cool breeze.
  • Ankali Mutt: Just 3 kilometres from Chitradurga, it is a temple between huge rocks and underground carved out caves.
  • Chandravalli: Chandravalli is a beautiful archaeological site, and is a region of valley formed by three hills Chitradurga, Kirabanakallu and Jolagudda.
  • Tungabhadra Dam: Locally known as the Pampa Damm is built across Tungabhadra River. It is located 18 Kms from Hampi and is best visited in the evening as it has lush Green gardens with aesthetic flowers. Pro tip- The light & sound show is worth the hype.


Route 2: Hiriyur

Distance of approximately 370 kilometres, which takes 6-7 hours on the wheels
Bangalore Tumkur - Hiriyur - Challakere - Rampura - Hampi

  • Vani Vilas Sagar Dam: Take stop at the Vani Vilas Sagar Dam to give your eyes a serene pleasure.
  • Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary: Around half an hour before Hampi, visit this fun place to gaze at bears and other animals roaming around in their glory.


Route 3: The Anantpura Route

Distance of approximately 440 kilometres, which takes 7-8 hours of drive.
Bangalore - Lepakshi - Anantpur - Bellari - Hampi

  • Lepakshi: This place is famous for the Nandi statue and the Veerabhadra team.
  • Gooty Fort: This fort has an amazing trek uphill and is a perfect place for a photoshoot for your gram.
  • Hampi Hippie Island: A good place for hiking and rock-climbing fans, people interested in souvenir shopping, or coffee shops.

I hope you guys have an insight on Bangalore to Hampi road trip.

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