Ten of the most unusual and quirky museums in Bangalore that you should visit

For the public's study and education, modern museums gather, conserve, interpret, and show works of art, cultural artefacts, and scientific artefacts. This goal may differ depending on one's viewpoint as a tourist or member of the community.
To save time searching for the most unusual and quirky museums that suit your interests, we have compiled a list of the top 10 museums in Bangalore. The list of museums in Bangalore provided below will be undoubtedly helpful when choosing a museum to visit with your kids, family, friends, or coworkers:
Government Museum 
Source:-Bangalore 247
One of the first museums in India was the Government Museum in Bangalore, which opened its doors in 1865. It is an archaeological museum with a unique collection of geological and archaeological relics, including coins, sculptures, jewellery, and inscriptions, particularly those from the Halmidi and Kannada periods.
Venkatappa Art Gallery
Source:-Deccan Chronicle
It is near the Government Museum and in the vicinity of Cubbon Park, drawing visitors from all over the nation interested in art. The most well-known artist from Karnataka, K. Venkatappa, has his collections there.
Philately Museum 
Source:-i me myself-wordpress
The museum is in excellent condition and contains hundreds of stamps from all nations and denominations. There are stamps in every possible size, shape, and era.
National Gallery of Modern Art
Most of the collection at NGMA is made up of works that illustrate the historical evolution of modern art in India, including paintings, sculptures, graphic prints, and early photography examples.
Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum 
It contains a wealth of scientific and technological tools and artefacts. This place is fantastic for kids to grow a passion for science because of its interactive exhibits.
Indian Military Museum
In addition to displaying military and defence equipment and systems, the park boasts a flagpole that is 207 feet tall, reputedly the biggest in India. The national flag is always flown high and is brilliantly lighted.
Kempegowda Museum
Source:-Deccan Herald
In honour of Yelahanka chieftain Kempegowda, who founded Bengaluru, the Kempegowda Museum was founded in 2011. It is home to statues, posters, and images of forts and temples from his time.
NIMHANS Brain Museum
A visit to this museum enlightens you on the mind-blowing operations of the human brain. The Neuropathology department at NIMHANS has been gathering brain samples for its students' training for over 35 years.
HAL Heritage Centre & Aerospace Museum
Source:-Bengalore 247
For fans of aviation and history, this museum is a virtual paradise. It provides a memorable experience that is both fun and educational. One of the two main halls of the HAL Museum displays the development of aviation in India from 1940 to the present.
Gandhi Museum
The Gandhi Museum, also known as Gandhi Bhawan, was built in Mahatma Gandhi's honour as the Father of the Nation. This museum, which was opened in 1965 by the president at the time, Dr S. Radhakrishnan, contains a collection of Mahatma Gandhi's rare photos and letters.
Those looking to tour the fascinating museums throughout the lovely city of Bangalore should start with these top museums in Bangalore.
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