Best Places To Visit In Dehradun – This City Never Fails To Surprise You

Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand, is a city that never fails to surprise its visitors. With its picturesque landscapes, serene environment, and rich cultural heritage, Dehradun offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether you are a nature lover, adventure enthusiast, or history buff, this magical city has something to offer for everyone. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best things to do in Dehradun, from visiting iconic landmarks to indulging in thrilling activities.
1. Introduction to Dehradun
Nestled in the foothills of the majestic Himalayas, Dehradun is a city known for its natural beauty and pleasant climate. It serves as the gateway to popular hill stations like Mussoorie and Rishikesh, making it a popular tourist destination. Dehradun is also home to prestigious educational institutions, including the renowned Doon School and Forest Research Institute. The city's rich history and cultural heritage are evident in its numerous temples, monasteries, and colonial-era buildings. Whether you are seeking tranquility in nature or looking to explore the vibrant city life, Dehradun has it all.
2. How to Reach Dehradun
Dehradun is well-connected to major cities in India by air, rail, and road.
By Air: The nearest airport to Dehradun is the Jolly Grant Airport, located approximately 20 km from the city center. It has regular flights connecting Dehradun to major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.
By Train: Dehradun has its own railway station, which is well-connected to major cities in India. Several trains, including the Shatabdi and Janshatabdi Express, operate to and from Dehradun.
By Road: Dehradun is easily accessible by road, with regular bus services operating from nearby cities like Delhi, Haridwar, and Rishikesh. The city is well-connected by national highways, making it a convenient road trip destination.
3. Best Time to Visit Dehradun
The best time to visit Dehradun is during the months of March to June and September to November. During these months, the weather is pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 30°C. The monsoon season, from July to August, brings heavy rainfall to the region, which can hinder outdoor activities. Winter, from December to February, is also a good time to visit if you enjoy the cold weather and want to experience snowfall in nearby hill stations.
4. Places to Visit in Dehradun
Dehradun offers a plethora of attractions, ranging from historical landmarks to natural wonders. Here are some of the must-visit places in Dehradun:
Mindrolling Monastery
The Mindrolling Monastery is a significant Buddhist landmark in India and one of the largest Buddhist centers in the world. It is known for its stunning architecture, beautiful gardens, and peaceful ambiance. The monastery houses the tallest stupa in Asia and is a must-visit for spiritual seekers and architecture enthusiasts.
Robber’s Cave
Robber's Cave, also known as Gucchu Pani, is a fascinating natural phenomenon located on the outskirts of Dehradun. It is a river cave formed in the Himalayas and is believed to be an abode of Lord Shiva. The highlight of the cave is the river that flows through the middle, creating a unique and enchanting experience for visitors.
Sahastradhara, meaning "thousand fold spring," is a popular tourist spot known for its therapeutic value and breathtaking beauty. The water in Sahastradhara contains sulfur, which is believed to have medicinal properties. Visitors can enjoy a rejuvenating bath in the natural spring and admire the picturesque surroundings.
Dehradun Zoo
Dehradun Zoo, also known as Malsi Deer Park, is a well-maintained zoological garden that houses a variety of animals, including tigers, deer, and peacocks. It is an ideal place for wildlife enthusiasts and families with children. The zoo also offers picnic spots and a serene environment for a relaxing day out.
Ghanta Ghar
Ghanta Ghar, also known as the Clock Tower, is a prominent landmark in Dehradun. Built during the British era, the clock tower is a historical monument and a popular meeting point for locals and tourists alike. Although the clock is not functional anymore, its architectural charm and significance make it worth a visit.
Tapkeshwar Temple
Tapkeshwar Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is a famous cave temple located on the banks of a rivulet. The temple is known for its unique architecture and the natural water dripping on the Shiv Linga inside the cave. The surrounding area has sulfur springs, which are believed to have medicinal properties.
Lachhiwala is a popular picnic spot and a nature lover's paradise located on the outskirts of Dehradun. It is known for its lush greenery, sparkling water pools, and serene environment. Visitors can enjoy swimming, bird-watching, and nature walks in this tranquil setting.
Forest Research Institute
The Forest Research Institute (FRI) is a premier institution in the field of forestry research and education. It is known for its stunning architecture, sprawling campus, and well-maintained botanical gardens. The institute also houses a museum that showcases the rich flora and fauna of the region.
Rajaji National Park
Rajaji National Park, located on the foothills of the Shivalik range, is a paradise for wildlife lovers and nature enthusiasts. The park is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, including elephants, tigers, leopards, and over 315 bird species. Visitors can enjoy jeep safaris, bird-watching, and nature trails in this biodiverse sanctuary.
While exploring Dehradun, a visit to the nearby hill station of Mussoorie is highly recommended. Known as the "Queen of the Hills," Mussoorie offers stunning views of the Himalayas, charming colonial architecture, and a vibrant mall road bustling with shops and eateries. The famous attractions in Mussoorie include Kempty Falls, Gun Hill, and Lal Tibba.
5. Adventure Activities in Dehradun
In addition to its natural and cultural attractions, Dehradun also offers a range of thrilling adventure activities for adrenaline junkies. Here are some of the adventure activities you can indulge in:
Trekking: Dehradun is the gateway to several trekking trails in the Himalayas, including the popular Nag Tibba and Har Ki Dun treks. These treks offer breathtaking views, challenging terrains, and a chance to explore the pristine beauty of the mountains.
River Rafting: The nearby river Ganges and its tributaries provide ample opportunities for river rafting. Rishikesh, located just a few hours away from Dehradun, is known as the "Rafting Capital of India" and offers thrilling rafting experiences for all skill levels.
Paragliding: Get a bird's-eye view of the picturesque landscapes of Dehradun by indulging in paragliding. There are several paragliding operators in the region that offer tandem flights and training courses for beginners.
Rock Climbing: Dehradun and its surrounding areas have several natural rock formations that are perfect for rock climbing enthusiasts. You can challenge yourself and test your climbing skills under the guidance of experienced instructors.
Mountain Biking: Explore the scenic trails and off-road tracks around Dehradun on a mountain bike. This thrilling activity allows you to immerse yourself in nature while enjoying the adrenaline rush of biking through challenging terrains.
6. Shopping in Dehradun
Dehradun offers a delightful shopping experience with its bustling markets and unique handicrafts. Here are some of the best places for shopping in Dehradun:
Paltan Bazaar: Located in the heart of Dehradun, Paltan Bazaar is a vibrant market known for its wide range of products. From clothing and accessories to spices and confectionery items, you can find almost everything here.
Tibetan Market: The Tibetan Market is a must-visit for those looking for Tibetan handicrafts, jewelry, and clothing. It is a great place to shop for souvenirs and unique gifts.
Rajpur Road: Rajpur Road is one of the main commercial hubs of Dehradun, lined with shops, malls, and restaurants. It is a great place to shop for branded clothing, electronics, and home decor items.
7. Delectable Cuisine of Dehradun
Dehradun is known for its delicious and diverse cuisine, influenced by the Garhwali, Tibetan, and North Indian culinary traditions. Here are some of the must-try dishes in Dehradun:
Garhwali Cuisine: Indulge in the flavors of Garhwali cuisine, which includes dishes like Kafuli (a spinach-based curry), Chainsoo (a lentil dish), and Bal Mithai (a sweet made with roasted khoya and sugar).
Momos: Dehradun is famous for its mouthwatering momos, which are available in various flavors and fillings. Head to the Tibetan Market or Rajpur Road to savor these delectable dumplings.
Kumaoni Cuisine: Try the traditional Kumaoni dishes like Bhatt ki Churdkani (black soybean curry), Aloo Ke Gutke (spicy potato dish), and Singori (a sweet made with khoya and wrapped in Malu leaves).
Street Food: Explore the vibrant street food scene in Dehradun and savor local favorites like Kachoris, Chaat, and Chhole Bhature.
8. Best Hotels in Dehradun
Dehradun offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit every budget and preference. Here are some of the best hotels in Dehradun for a comfortable stay:
Regenta Dehradun by Royal Orchid Hotels: Located in the heart of the city, Regenta Dehradun offers luxurious rooms, modern amenities, and warm hospitality. (Additional Information: Regenta Dehradun)
9. Tips for a Memorable Trip to Dehradun
Plan your trip during the best time to visit Dehradun, which is from March to June and September to November. Avoid the monsoon season due to heavy rainfall.
Pack appropriate clothing and footwear, depending on the season and the activities you plan to indulge in. Carry sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses for protection against the sun.
Follow the local customs and traditions while visiting religious sites. Dress modestly and remove your shoes before entering temples and monasteries.
Stay hydrated and carry a water bottle with you, especially during outdoor activities and treks.
Respect the environment and wildlife. Do not litter and avoid disturbing the natural habitats of animals and birds.
Carry necessary identification documents and keep a copy of your travel documents in a safe place.
10. Conclusion
Dehradun, with its natural beauty, rich heritage, and thrilling activities, offers a memorable experience for every traveler. Whether you are seeking tranquility in the lap of nature or looking for thrilling adventures, Dehradun has it all. From visiting iconic landmarks like Mindrolling Monastery and Robber's Cave to indulging in adventure activities like trekking and paragliding, there is never a dull moment in this enchanting city. So, plan your trip to Dehradun and get ready to create unforgettable memories amidst the serene beauty of the Himalayas.

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