9 Mind-boggling facts about Bangalore that will leave you startled!

Home to 212 software companies, Silicon valley for a reason, Bangalore has emerged as the fastest growing cosmopolitan city of the country. A city swarming with traffic is very well known for its IT sector. But there are many unknown facts about Bangalore which still need to be unfolded. Come lets’ unwind those facts to make you familiar with the city.
1. Antiquity of its name
Just like there’s a story behind the origin of everything, Bangalore has one too. Coined by the Hoysala King Vira Ballala, Bangalore aka Bengaluru was known as "Benda Kalooru" which means the town of boiled beans. 
2. The Pub capital of the country
There is a saying party like Bangaloreans do!! With over 800 pubs and bars, it is crowned as the city with the highest number of pubs across the asia. Yes, you read that right. Bangalore is considered among the best party places in the country. 
3. Vegan Friendly City
Bangalore, being a hub for party lovers, is not behind when it comes to cute cafes and fancy restaurants. The city is also tagged as the most vegan friendly place in India by PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals). 
4. First electric Streetlight
Though Kolkata was the Indian city to get electricity. But it was Bangalore that got Asia’s first streetlights in 1905 (around 112 years ago). This chosen city was also among the earliest cities to get absolute power installations.
5. Oldest radio club
Bangalore Amateur Radio Club set up in 1959 is India’s oldest radio club. 6 decades passed and still this the most “radio-active” club in the country. This club adds many firsts to its list. First in India to have a repeater through Repeater Society of Bangalore, First to have started a magazine for Amateur Radio in South Asia and the write down continues.
6. Malgudi- RK Narayan
When we talk about Bangalore, we can’t forget about the famous writings the Malgudi days by RK Narayan. The writer being from Bangalore, chose a combination of two neighbouring cities- Malleswaram and Basvanagudi. 
7. Non- Fan City
This might sound strange, but Bangalore was considered as a non-fan city in earlier times because of its high altitude which leads to a pleasant environment. The tree-lined crosswords and climate did not call for the need of fans even in the peak of summer.
8. Longest city bus route
The public bus transport route of the city is said to be the longest bus route in India. With the expansion of the city, the need for public transport is growing day by day, leading to over 600 routes that cover a total distance of 117 km.
9. Free Wifi across city
Tech-savvy, silicon city is considered to be among the first cities to offer the residents free wifi named-Namma Wi-Fi (802.11N). The state government wants the city to be a smart and connected city.
Bangalore or Bengaluru,  a city with its own charm and uniqueness. A city which will keep surprising you when you try to get to know more about it. If you are looking for a leisure hotel stay, then book your lodge at the Royal Orchid Bangalore. It is one of the best kinds of business and luxury stay hotels in Bangalore.

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