5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Get to Know More about Hampi

A capital during the Vijayanagara Empire, Hampi is classified as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Nestled along the banks of river Tungabhadra, it is becoming the most favourite tourist destination for both foreigners and Indians. During the Vijayanagara Empire, Hampi was the worlds largest and the richest city.  A home to nearly 2000 spectacular monuments, temples and ancient palaces, it is a full packed destination for your weekend getaways and a full-fledged vacation. This guide will take you through the reasons you need to visit the city and the Hampi places that have to be on your list while you explore the town.


First let us tell you 5 tale signs you need to get to know more about Hampi.


1. Hampi Bazaar framed since the Vijayanagara Empire

A trip is always incomplete without shopping. Spread across more than a kilometre, Hampi bazaar has been framed since around the times of  Vijayanagara Empire. You will find a lot of handicrafts, sovenuiers, artefacts and many more items to shop from this market place near Virupaksha temple.

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2. A UNESCO world Heritage site

This ancient village in South India is a UNESCO World heritage site, which is quite an impressive reason to explore the place. The reason behind listing it as a heritage site was the 16000 remains of forts, pilgrim sites, temples, memorial structures, pillared, and others located in the northern side of the city.

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3. Unparalleled Architecture

After knowing about the 1600 remains of various old forts, palaces, temples, this would be shocking to know that Hampi has an unparalleled architecture. If you love to see fascinating architecture with a bulk of stories from the past, then this is your go-to city. You will find various antique streets like Pan Supari Street, which is now preserved by the archaeological society of India. It is said that diamonds used to be sold on this road.

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4. Home to oldest functioning temple of India Sri Virupaksha Temple

Sri Virupaksha Temple is a part of a group of monuments of Hampi delegated as a UNESCO world heritage site. It is considered to be India’s oldest functioning temple, dedicated to Lord Virupaksha, a form of Shiva.

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5. Main City untouched by Modernity

Being a UNESCO heritage site, preservation is the main goal. Hence, when you visit the main city, you will hardly find signs of modernity. The government of Karnataka has limited the modern additions to the city to maintain the ruins and remains of ancient forts and palaces.

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These lesser known facts about the city are enough to attract you towards this majestic city. If still you have a doubt, then check out a few picturesque and exciting Hampi places which will undoubtedly act as a magnet.

  • Explore the ruins of one of the World’s largest and richest kingdoms.
  • The Coracle Ride (circular native boats of the region)

  • Visit the most talked Matanga Hills
  • Elephant Stables (undestruced parking lots of elephants from ancient times)
  • Get mesmerised with explicit architectural design of Lotus Mahal

Now, when you have ample of reasons to stop up the picturesque town Hampi. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets and Hotel stay now. If you are looking for a 5 stars hotel in Hampi, then do consider Royal Orchid Central. We are an upmarket hotel, located near the Hampi ruins. We promise to offer comfort and modern amenities in the heart of the city.

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