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Feedback from the Wadhwas...

Feedback is normally given to make the staff understand what more can be done to get absolute satisfaction of the Guest. In this case a feedback was not needed AT ALL.

This Wedding of our son Rishi has turned out to be the MOST Memorable Wedding of our family.

The entire credit of the success of this wedding is to the entire staff of Royal Orchid Metropole and Royal Orchid Brindavan, KRS. The Guests found the staff wanting to go an extra mile to see that they receive more than they could imagine and want.

Few names that require a special mention for the absolute success are Mr. Aappaiya, Mr. Kiran Rao, Mr. Uday, Mr. Dinesh who made it a point to see the comfort and the needs of the guests was well taken care of. There are still a few names like Chef Sam along with Chef Rana with Mr. Aman (F&B) who made the entire food an absolute hit among the young and old.

To sum it all the GM Metropole Mme. Suman NANAIAH was the Rock who stood with the staff and ourselves to make sure the Wedding was one without the minutest of Glitches / snags and always willing to help us for everything where needed.

KUDOS to all at RO Metropole & KRS.

Thanks to all (Mr. Chander Baljee included) who made the wedding of my son Rishi A Memory to Cherish.


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