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Things to doKutch has many varieties of places; by geographical positions and surroundings of nature as well as the ancient Historical buildings. Bhuj is main Capital City of the Kutch and its connects you to a range of civilizations and important events in South Asian history through prehistoric archaeological finds, remnants of the Indus Valley Civilizations (Harappans), places associated with Mahabharata and Alexander the Great’s march into India and tombs, places and other buildings from the rule of the Naga Chiefs, the Jadeja Rajputs, the Gujarat Sultans and the British Raj. The Great Rann of Kutch is a seasonal salt marsh located in the Thar Desert in the Kutch District of Gujarat, India and the Sindh province of Pakistan. It is about 7,505.22 square kilometers (2,897.78 sq mi) in size and is reputed to be the largest salt desert in the world. This area has been inhabited by the Kutchi people


Dholavira-212 KM

Dholavira is one of the most remarkable excavations of the Indus Valley Civilization or the Harappan Culture. Dating back to approx. 2500 BC. This site is an exemplary feat of hydraulic engineering since those days, displaying a unique insight into the water conversation systems.


Mandvi-58.4 KM

Mandvi is known for its pristine beach with crystal clear waters of the Arabian Sea. Private Luxurious tented accommodation is the best option to relax on beach. This beach was the Maharao’s private beach and the Vijay Vilas Palace overlooking the beach, was a summer retreat for the Maharao.

Flamingo City

Flamingo City – 80 KM

In Gujarat, flamingoes breed in the interior of the Great Rann of Kutch, their breeding colony is being known as ‘Flamingo City’. To reach ‘Flamingo City’ one has to travel up to Khavda from Bhuj (80 km) by road and then further journey on camel back for five to six hours. Necessary clearance from the Border Security Force is required to be obtained before visiting this area, which is given by the District Collector of Kutch at Bhuj.

Religious Places

Religious Places